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Apocalypse Close: Chapter 5: Miranda’s Mesmembryanthemums and Professor Phil’s Thermometer

(the story so far) George Moonbat, investigative journalist, is attending a weekend seminar aimed at saving the planet at the Hampstead homestead of green millionaire Tom Huntingdon. While waiting for the debate to begin, he falls into conversation with two … Continue reading

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Stephen Emmott’s “Ten Billion”: an Extract

Here’s the transcript of a three-minute extract from Stephen Emmott’s “Ten Billion” as performed at the Avignon Drama Festival this summer, available at Comparison with the other recordings of Emmott shows how important the input of Katie Mitchell, his … Continue reading

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Stephen Emmott at NESTA

Here’s the first part of Stephen Emmott’s talk at NESTA last Tuesday, mentioned in the previous post. The end is patchy, and probably contains errors, since I have to start at the beginning again every time I correct. He starts … Continue reading

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Delingpole, Emmott, and the Invasion of the DEFRA-funded Swamp Creatures

Delingpole’s latest article led me to look at an organisation called the Finance Innovation Lab, a love child of the WWF out of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. This organisation was one of the winners of the hilarious Observer/ … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Delayed

Maurizio Morabito put my first internet article up on his blog three years ago. Tony Newbery put the next seven up at Harmless Sky. (links are on the first post on this blog: “I’ve got a Blog”). I’ve never met … Continue reading

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Discussion with Adam Corner – Round 3

This is the third  discussion I’ve had with Adam Corner, psychology researcher at Cardiff University. The first appeared at his blog and a few days later at  Harmless Sky It got a lot of publicity at  Bishop Hill, … Continue reading

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Greenpeace suffers Serious Graun Injury

I’ve just wasted 20 hours of my life transcribing a debate organised by Greenpeace to publicise their new website It’s a shameless imitation of the Global Warming Policy Foundation site. They must have read somewhere that GWPF and its … Continue reading

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