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A Bird in the Ear of the Episcopal Rhinoceros

Like all other British bloggers, I am parasitically dependent on Bishop Hill, eternally grateful to His Grace for a diet of numerous tasty tidbits, and for being the source of a steady trickle of new readers. Sometimes I try to … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky: My Part in his Downfall

Steve McIntyre has had a look at the complex dance of the emails between the University of Western Australia and the publishers of his “Recursive Fury” paper “Frontiers in Psychological Science” at Now he’s examined the investigation by UWA … Continue reading

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Looser Screws than Lew’s

Just as I was planning on dropping blogging and going back to a normal life watching ballet on my new big screen computer and drawing sexy super-heroines, Lewandowsky’s “Recursive Fury” paper gets retracted and I’ve been busy commenting and networking … Continue reading

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Prophesy from Orwell to Ehrlich

When I was a student (about half a century ago) I once hitched a lift with a lorry driver who asked me what I was studying. “Philosophy”, I said. He held out his hand and said: “Read my palm”. My … Continue reading

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