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Apocalypse Close: Chapter Eight: George gets Lucky

George Moonbat, green activist and investigative reporter, attending the climate change seminar in the Hampstead mansion of green hedge fund millionaire Tom Huntingdon, is still trying to track down the elusive Mata Hari-like  Miranda Doyle-Rigg, whom he suspects of being … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close: Chapter 7: Ten Billion Reasons to Top Yourself.

George Moonbat, investigative journalist, is attending a climate change seminar at Apocalypse Close, the Hampstead home of Green hedge fund manager Tom Huntingdon. He hopes to spend the evening interrogating the mysterious, captivating Miranda about the evidence that she is … Continue reading

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Censorship in Moderation

The Guardian has a review of 2012’s environmental news at I joined in: 22 December 2012 6:40 AM Suzanne Goldenberg says: “The [Heartland] documents, which detailed a plan to indoctrinate school children against climate science, brought notoriety to Heartland.” … Continue reading

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We Wish You a Merry Christmas

(guest post by dontshootme and Teratornis) As a little bit of holiday cheer, here’s a comment from the Guardian’s Review of the Environmental Year. It’s my first Guest Post. Teratornis is one of the most prolific commenters on Guardian … Continue reading

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Emmott won’t go way

Stephen Emmott’s Ten Billion is being published on May 1st  2013 as a Penguin paperback. Katie Mitchell is not listed as a co-author, so this is clearly not the Royal  Court play. This is from the publicity at Amazon:  Ten … Continue reading

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More Emmott

[Update 15th December: Stephen Emmott’s “Ten Billion” is being published as a paperback on the 1st May, 2013] I’ve just come across another interview with Stephen Emmott (and his director and co-author Katie Mitchell) at It’s in French, and … Continue reading

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Steel, Gas and Watermelons

I don’t buy the Watermelon theory that Greens are just closet Reds, and that environmentalism is some secret plot to impose soviet-style socialism on the world. It’s a Heath Robinson kind of idea, at once oversimplified and too complicated to … Continue reading

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How Can We Bloggers Win the Climate Wars?: (Answers Below Please)

Bloggers never say how many hits they get, any more than Casanovas put a figure on the number of their conquests, or bankers boast about their take-home pay This must change. However much I enjoy making vulgar jokes about environmentalists … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close: Chapter 6

(the story so far:) George Moonbat, investigative journalist, discovers to his horror that Miranda, the bewitching Green Activst who has pressed her copy of “Watermelons” on him, is in fact an Inspector in the Norfolk Constabulary. George lay back in … Continue reading

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