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Lives of the Climate Bloggers (3): Robert E. Phelan “Robert E. Phelan, Jr., age 63, of West Haven, CT passed away on August 10, 2012. […] Robert graduated from Notre Dame High school and continued his education at Providence College and Indiana University where he received two masters’ … Continue reading

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Lives of the Climate Bloggers (2): Michael H. Kelly

Update Apologies to Michael Kelly for not linking properly to his site, which is at Thanks Paul Matthews _______________________ [One of the joys of a work like Vasari’s “Lives of the Artists” or Aubrey’s “Brief Lives” is the prominence … Continue reading

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Gods, Saints, Nudes and Knights

Hope no-one was too shocked to see a load of naked women suddenly appear on this site yesterday, only to disappear again. They belong on my other site which I’m in the process of setting up. I’ve mastered … Continue reading

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Lives of the Climate Bloggers (1) John L. Daly

This is the first of a series I promised at  when I first started this blog over a year ago. *       *      * When the Climategate story broke in late 2009, Wattsupwiththat  led with … Continue reading

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Lew’s Thinking

I’ve submitted a paper “Lysenko was Wrong: therefore Lewandowsky should be Sectioned” to “New Frontiers in Psychological Science” and they’re considering it for publication. Only joking. The real title is “Ideational Conspiracism among Theorisers of Conspirationist Ideation: A Meta-Study”. (Note … Continue reading

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Bright Spark in the Flame Wars

[No-one in the world wastes as much time as I do reading pointless comment threads on pointless articles. This one is a classic, a ready-made sketch for the first comedian to realise the humour potential in global warming hysteria. It … Continue reading

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Stephen Emmott in Italia: Dieci Miliardi

Googling “stephen emmott” + “ten billion” yields 56,300 results, though no recent articles, as far as I can see, about the book that was published in July in Britain and in early September in the USA by two of the … Continue reading

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The Great Psychological Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy

Imagine if  the government announced that those who disagreed with its policies or  who refused to accept everything it said as the gospel truth were irrational creatures suffering from persecution mania. Imagine if there was a group of scientists who … Continue reading

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In Praise of (French) Ecologists

French politics is complicated, and I’d more or less sworn off discussing it, but recent events involving a new Eco-tax make the subject irresistible. The Marxist historian E.P. Thompson once remarked that the British love affair with Europe was largely … Continue reading

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Of Cavemen, Connoisseurs, and Climate Scientists

Paul Matthews has an excellent blog devoted entirely to analysis of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. His latest article is about the attribution of climate change to human influence. It takes its title from a TV play by Alan … Continue reading

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