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Apocalypse Close: Chapter Two: Moonbat meets the Great Lobachevsky

It was late in the evening when, after many false turnings round the labyrinth of South Hampstead, the taxi finally delivered George Moonbat at his destination. At the top of Revelation Drive, opposite Babylon Gardens, behind Cassandra Crescent, was Apocalypse … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close: an Amusement. Chapter One

The scientists are in terror and the European mind stops Ezra Pound All philosophers who find Some favourite system to their mind, In every point to make it fit, Will force all nature to submit. Jonathan Swift, quoted by Thomas … Continue reading

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Climate Killings: Danish Management Consultants discover 100,000 more bodies

The living dead are back – 400,000 of them. That’s the number killed by global warming every year, according to a new report – the  Climate Vulnerability Monitor – which is the subject of an article by Fiona Harvey  at: … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions

Since I’ve got a blog, I might as well use it. Here are three ideas I’ve been mulling over, and which will appear soon CO2MAN the CONTRARIAN Like John Cook of Skeptical Science, I started out as an illustrator. A … Continue reading

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I’ve got a blog

I’ve had a blog for two years, and I didn’t even know. It’s like this. Some blogs require that you register with them via Google or WordPress or someone before you can comment. So I registered with WordPress to get … Continue reading

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