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..and Thanks for the Fish

Thanks to all commenters at my antepenultimate post for their kind words. As you can see, my final curtain call was about as final as that of any “Grande Dame du théatre”. Three things persuaded me that I couldn’t go … Continue reading

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‘Allo ‘Allo

Hello again. Just to let you know about the launch of an “Association Francophone des Climato-Optimistes” (AFCO). You can read about it at and their manifesto is at Membership costs 50 euros, which I find a bit steep. … Continue reading

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Goodbye to All That

I intend to give this blog a rest for several months. I may be back before the Paris conference in December. (I may be back tomorrow if something gets me going, but that’s not my intention). I may drop the … Continue reading

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Mortality and Climate Change

It’s commonplace to observe that climate catastrophism has many of the characteristics of an apocalyptic religion or doomsday cult. I’ve noted the weirdness of the authors of the Macmillan / Rapley epic “2071” – how Macmillan began an interview by … Continue reading

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