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My Thing with Caroline Lucas

I just received a mail from someone called Caroline Lucas. She said: Today is the final day of Left Foot Forward’s year end fundraising appeal. And a match funder will double your money – if you give right now. We … Continue reading

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Flanders & Swann: The First Law of Cultural Dynamics

I’m not at all sure that my recent article in French at has had the desired effect. It may take hundreds of years to create the necessary cultural liaisons by natural means, whereas if you pass by the official … Continue reading

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Learn French the Climatosceptique Way.

I’ve got an article in French up at It’s a brief summary of the sceptical blogosphere in Britain. I tried to get the maximum number of names in, and apologise in advance to those I forgot. It’s been quite … Continue reading

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There’s a new movement afoot to make us aware of the danger facing the planet. It’s called thefuture.To get an idea of what it’s about, I do recommend you watch the video at It starts with an image of a … Continue reading

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Graun Does Research

Many thanks to Paul Matthews for this (emphasis added): s:

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Benoît Rittaud: Climate Models Capable of Anything

Benoît Rittaud is a maths lecturer and blogger at “Changement Climatique”. This article, from November 11th 2014 is one of a series analysing a recent series of reports by Meteo France containing climate predictions for France (Metropolitain and Overseas). The original … Continue reading

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2071 Script by Duncan Macmillan and Chris Rapley

This is a transcription of the one man show at the Royal Court last month. The Royal Court usually publishes its playscripts to coincide with performances. Numerous interviews and articles have made it clear that the authors intend this piece … Continue reading

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Carry On Up The Greasy Pole with Climb-It Science

Responding to Climate Change is a highly active activist blog with lots of informative articles by experts from around the world. It aims to do what Guardian Environment did in its heyday, (before Hickman and Monbiot deserted the sinking ship, … Continue reading

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