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Letter to the Guardian

To Chris Elliott, Readers’ Editor, on March 30th 2014 I wrote to you to complain about this article: which accuses “contrarians” (i.e. climate sceptics) of bullying a scientific journal into retracting an article. I pointed out that no bullying … Continue reading

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Foxgoose, McIntyre & Me v. Nuccitelli (and the Cook that spoils the broth)

[See Update 23 April 2014 at the end]  Here’s a correspondence I’ve been having with the Readers’ Editor at the Guardian: From Geoff Chambers to Guardian Readers’ Editor 30 March 2014: Dear Readers’ Editor,  I’m writing to complain about this … Continue reading

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“Recursive Fury”: a Summary

[The retraction of the Lewandowsky/Cook “Recursive Fury” paper has been generally greeted as a great victory for us sceptics, and many commenters have opined that we can forget about it; it’s history. I disagree, for the following reasons. The same … Continue reading

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Sceptic Against Standers v. Anthropogenic Global Warming Helpers

In my unrelenting effort to track down the latest outbreak of Lewandowskyitis … I’ll start again. [Lewandowsky has already shot the last bolt (not that Bolt) in his armoury when he mentioned having received anti-semitic hate mail. I was going … Continue reading

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IPCC: We still have Paris

IPCC WG III is out, and reading through the comments at I stopped and smiled at this from TinyCO2: “Aunty BEEB and Granny Guardian are right behind you and if this year you’re not a success, there’s always COP21 … Continue reading

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Lew’s Cannons

I’ve been meaning to write up the developments in the Lewandowsky saga, but I’ve been so busy discussing it, e.g. at and at that I haven’t had time. Briefly, for anyone who hasn’t been following the story at … Continue reading

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