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Lewandowsky on Sex and the Single Scholar

  Joanne Nova was the first climate blogger to pick up on Lew’s peculiarities with this article which she followed up with this Joanne’s articles are responses to Lewandowsky’s articles at and Back in March and … Continue reading

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Lew’s Conspiracist Classification Criteria

I intend to put up all my research on Lewandowsky’s new paper here as I complete it. I don’t expect many people to find it interesting. It is intended as a research tool for anyone who is preparing an analysis, … Continue reading

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Googling Lew: Repulsive Ferret Revisited

Lewandowsky’s claim to have anonymised the material in “Recurrent Fury” so as to render blogs and blog commenters unidentifiable is entirely false, as I discovered in five minutes on Google. I’ve already quoted this paragraph from the article Lewandowsky wrote … Continue reading

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Mister <1%: Lew Screws Up Again

I’m browsing through the new Lewandowsky paper, and after just three pages have found some interesting anomalies. He says in his blog article at “… the corpus of text underlying the analysis is no longer publically [sic] available. These … Continue reading

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New Triple-Thickness Lew Paper

Lewandowsky has a new paper out with co-authors Cook and Marriott, called “Recurrent Fury: Conspiratorial Discourse in the Blogosphere Triggered by Research on the Role of Conspiracist Ideation in Climate Denial”. You can read it at Lew has a … Continue reading

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Lew’s Lost Conspiracy

At the end of my post summarising Lewandowsky’s Recursive Fury” paper, I presented the list of conspiracy theories found in the Supplemental Material, with the number of quotes supporting each theory. There are 22 conspiracy headings in the Supplemental … Continue reading

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Keep the Coal in a Black Hole and the Gas up Rusbridger’s Wassname

I was idly surfing the English language TV news channels looking for reactions to the Greek crisis, and came across two science items. In the first the presenter was interviewing a science correspondent who was holding a cuddly furry toy … Continue reading

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