People have been linking here to find out about me. Sorry.

I lived in Hampstead, London for eighteen years and in France for the past thirty years. Worked in market research, doing a lot of opinion research for government ministries; then as an illustrator (children’s comics, female bodybuilding magazines, gay contact magazines, religious textbooks – the usual mixture); then as a university lecturer.

Started commenting at Guardian Environment on climate change in late 2007.

Wrote a number of articles on the subject on other people’s blogs (list at first post: “I’ve Got a Blog”

10 Responses to About

  1. j ferguson says:

    Is there a Charlotte Chambers in your entourage? ok to reply by email.

  2. Hi Geoff,

    Paul Chambers said you were just the person to ask about a survey of sceptics I’m planning.

    Can you email me at: chairman@scef.org.uk

    Mike Haseler

  3. Christian Giannini says:

    Regarding your comments about the daughter of Stavlos Andreadis, brainwashing children …. what do you have against an educated woman moving home to strengthen the lives of the Greek children? For an educated and we’ll written man, that comment was juvenile and lame.

  4. richardscourtney says:

    You asked me to contact you on your blog and this is my attempt to do that.


  5. bobfj says:

    Hi Geoff,
    If it was you that has been commenting at The Conversation (Oz) here:
    please email me at b.fernley.jones [at] gmail,com

    I think our paths have crossed at Harmless Sky where my nom de blog might have been Bob_FJ or Black Wallaby.

    BTW I have some astonishing stuff on their editorial practices,

  6. hi Geoff, loved your i spy piece. dan

  7. Gautam Kalghatgi says:

    I often read your contributions on various blogs. I think our views on “climate science” and related matters are very similar.
    Anyway, as you know there is a lot of recent comment about the imminent death of the internal combustion engine and even the rapid demise of the oil industry. You might be interested in the (peer-reviewed) paper in Applied Energy which discusses the reasons why this is not likely at all. I can send you a copy if you send me your email address
    Best wishes – Gautam Kalghatgi
    Gautam Kalghatgi FREng FSAE FIMechE FCI

  8. hunter says:

    Geoff, hi “hunter” here.
    If you get notices about new posts, may I ask please ask a favor?
    My recent comment on your excellent post at Cliscep has some obvious typos.
    If possible could you please either delete my comment or fix the egregious spelling/typos?
    Thanks for a great thought provoking essay.

  9. Gautam Kalghatgi says:

    You might be interested in my 2018 review paper in Applied Energy (Vol 225, P 965-974) which examines the hype surrounding battery electric vehicles. I can send you a copy if you email me at kalghatgig@gmail.com

  10. Neil Shuttlewood says:

    Dear Geoff,
    My name is Neil Shuttlewood. I run a publishing house in the UK called Curtis Press (www.curtis-press.com). I am a graduate from the UEA in the UK. I’ve been a science teacher for over 15 years and two years ago set up my publishing company.

    For a while now I have been looking for a group of authors/researchers/scientists who are sceptical of the generally accepted view (by the public that is) of climate change.

    I have a few controversial books coming up, not lease a book by Brian Ford entitled Nonscience, a satirical look at experts (scientific). A book that looks likely to be published next year is a newly developed model of the atom – by a collaboration of authors headed by Edo Kael (the structured atom model). In addition I have an author that is writing a book based upon making comparisons between commonly accepted models and alternative scientific models (it will be considering alternatives to dark matter, our current models of the atom, gravity vs. electrical forces …). I hope this gives you an idea of the kind of publisher I am … I strongly believe in the scientific process but am happy to question current models … with the aim to develop and drive science forward – out of its current cul-de-sac.

    So, I am interested in developing a clearly written book on climate change … not one denigrating the current view, but one offering an alternative approach/view. Might your team/peers be interested in writing such a book?

    Drop me a line.

    Warm regards

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