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A Question

Many thanks to all who’ve posted comments, best wishes etc. It’s maybe a bit early to be soliciting information from the still modest number of readers, but there’s something I’m interested in knowing about (the old market researcher in me … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close: Chapter Four

 The story so far: George Moonbat, investigative journalist, has been invited to a seminar on climate change at Apocalypse Close, the Hampstead home of Green Millionaire Tom Huntingdon. *      *      * George returned with relief to … Continue reading

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Stephen Emmott; Microsoft; Google; Computational Science; End of the World; Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey

Sorry about the boring title, but I’ve become an internet stalker. I’m after the hits which come when you put the important stuff in the title. Last month Alex Cull and I wrote an article at’s-a-fct-we’re-fcked.html about “Ten Billion” … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close: Chapter Three

George, washed and dressed and limping slightly, descended the thickly carpeted staircase in search of breakfast, trying in vain to recall the events of the previous evening. He remembered a moment, after the third or fourth whisky, when he had … Continue reading

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Andrew Simms falls of out of his cradle: Guardian finally goes off its rocker

To adopt the fine old internet chestnut: “Somebody’s said something silly in the Guardian”. It’s Andrew Simms of course, having his monthlies. He’s been repeating the same daft countdown-to- doom article every month now for 50 months, and is celebrating … Continue reading

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