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The Conversation

The Conversation is a website where academics comment on their areas of expertise and which has recently extended its reach from Australia and the UK to the USA. It’s a form of vanity publishing for university lecturers who would rather … Continue reading

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2071: It’s the End of the World Again

After the success of Stephen Emmott’s “Ten Billion” in 2012, Director Katie Mitchell is bringing a new play about climate change to the Royal Court, opening on November 5th at the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs. It’s by Duncan Macmillan and Chris … Continue reading

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Out of the Mouths of Malnourished Babes and Sucklings

My search for a serious analysis of the new French law on Energy Transition and Green Growth in the last post began and ended with this article from le Monde which, as I pointed out, is written not … Continue reading

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French take Leave of their Senses

The Lower House of the French Parliament has just passed a law on the Energy Transition to Green Growth, which is going to the Senate for rubber stamping before being passed into law under a special accelerated procedure. You can … Continue reading

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Trust Me, I’m a Climatologist / Cosmologist

In my last post on Velikovsky’s historical and cosmological theories I linked to the site of what might be termed the post Velikovskian cosmo-catastrophists. I haven’t been back there for about ten years, but they seem as bright and chipper … Continue reading

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Velikovsky and the Weather

Around 1960, I read Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision”, republished by a book club which my dad subscribed to. The message had a great appeal to a rebellious geekish adolescent: the Bible was wrong, the history books were wrong, the scientists … Continue reading

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A Dissident Voice

A radical leftwing site called dissidentvoice just published an article at which I reproduce in full below. It’s rather long and boring, so I’ve emphasised the relevant parts, so you don’t have to read it all America’s Radical, Underground … Continue reading

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Diogenes on Robert Brulle

Last April Diogenes left a comment at which was unfortunately trapped in WordPress’s censorship machine, which is activated as soon as you make more than two links. It’s interesting, and I shall be coming back to Robert Brulle in … Continue reading

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