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My Thing with the Royal Court

I’ve just replied to the Royal Court’s executive producer. I promise I’ll keep the discussion polite from now on. Thanks to those who have offered their advice, and to Barry Woods and Paul Matthews who alerted me to a tweet … Continue reading

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Legal Advice Required Urgently

[In the cold light of day, and no longer pissed out of my mind, I’ve changed the first paragraph of my reply to Lucy Davies.] I’d got a lot to say here about two important affairs 1) the thorough demolition … Continue reading

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2071 Script by Duncan Macmillan and Chris Rapley

This is a transcription of the one man show at the Royal Court last month. The Royal Court usually publishes its playscripts to coincide with performances. Numerous interviews and articles have made it clear that the authors intend this piece … Continue reading

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Rapley’s Cogitatum Interruptum: 2071 Transcribed

I’m busy transcribing Rapley’s Royal Court monologue. It’s awful, but in a totally different way to Emmott’s Ten Billion. Rapley delivers his well-turned phrases, each one decorated with curlicues of statistics, in a clear, if rather boring, voice. As I … Continue reading

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2071: Rapley’s Rap

The Chris Rapley / Duncan Macmillan doomfest “2071” is on at the Royal Court. I’ll try and do what Alex Cull and I did with Stephen Emmott’s “Ten Billion” and glean the maximum number of howlers from reviews. Please add … Continue reading

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2071: It’s the End of the World Again

After the success of Stephen Emmott’s “Ten Billion” in 2012, Director Katie Mitchell is bringing a new play about climate change to the Royal Court, opening on November 5th at the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs. It’s by Duncan Macmillan and Chris … Continue reading

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