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The Four Hoarse Men of the Apocalypse: The Hoody, the Diplomat, the Biologist and the Millionaire

There have been a lot of calls following the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report – sometimes veiled, sometimes open –  for clmate sceptics to be banned or ignored. The LA Times has actually instituted such a policy on its letters page, … Continue reading

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Monbiot’s Zombie Blog Revisited

Six weeks ago I had a look at the Campaign against Climate Change’s zombie blog. I was alerted by Robin Guenier to a video at which was part of a campaign to relaunch their mass movement Robin left … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close Chapter 15: Recursive Foolery

George had been arrested before, but never in South America, and never while disguised as someone else. His first attempts to explain that he was not Tony Blair, the well known war criminal, were met with aggressive rebuffs. As he … Continue reading

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Excuse me, Where’s the Lew?

I’ve become a pariah, a leper, a sufferer from body odour, halitosis and the plague. And all I’ve done is go on blog threads and make comments. I used to do this at the Guardian and get banned. Now I’m … Continue reading

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Carry On Up the Amazon

I have this idea that the prime movers of our civilisation who are in the process of transforming Western society into a zombie power, a source of wonderment and entertainment for the future rulers of the planet in Asia and … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close: Chapter 14: MoonBlair Hoax Landing

[The story so far: Secret Agent George Moonbat, disguised as Tony Blair, is off to Guyana to give the keynote speech at an Environmental Conference, accopmpanied by  his MI6 minder Captain Delingpole, the delicious Miranda Doyle-Rigg, and the faithful Barry … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close chapter13: Moonblair Blows It

George Moonbat stared at his unrecognisable reflection in the shaving mirror. His former towsled mop of curly black Gallic locks had been straightened and thinned to resemble a mousey grey-brown toe rag. His signature lefty-intellectual square specs had been replaced … Continue reading

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