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“Climate Change -the Facts” My complaints and BBC Replies

Case Number CAS-5417171-25S56H 1. My Complaint Stage 1 1. Most “facts” quoted false, some irrelevant or misleading in context. Examples: 2. There are no “Greater storms, greater floods extreme sea-level rise.” according to the IPCC, nor, according to the IPCC, is this “happening … Continue reading

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On May 13th, John Cook, PhD student at the University of Queensland, published this article at the Conversation There were 414 coments in the next few days. 257 of them have since been removed by moderators On 17th May … Continue reading

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New Blog:

Most of my blogging activity is being transferred to a new blog – a co-operative effort which we hope will expand to fill the space left by our previous individual blogs. I explain why at According to the gas … Continue reading

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Ubu President

President Hollande has just given a 25 minute speech to launch December’s COP21 Paris Climate Conference. It was such a monument of scientific, economic and geopolitical stupidity that I thought I’d preserve it for posterity here. Here are some extracts, … Continue reading

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Keep the Coal in a Black Hole and the Gas up Rusbridger’s Wassname

I was idly surfing the English language TV news channels looking for reactions to the Greek crisis, and came across two science items. In the first the presenter was interviewing a science correspondent who was holding a cuddly furry toy … Continue reading

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CO2 – the Opera; by Giorgio Battistelli

The long-awaited opera based on Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” plays at La Scala, Milan from 16 to 29 May, though Gore’s name no longer appears. Instead, credit is given to James Lovelock, Richard Mabey, and the environmentalit periodical “Resurgence”. Tickets … Continue reading

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Rusbridger: “This is the most Terrible Campaign”

Alex Cull has just published a transcript of the latest episode of the Graun’s Podcast of Doom at The original podcast can be found at A million thanks Alex. These documents are truly amazing. It’s like listening to … Continue reading

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Are We Downhearted?

Since deciding to renounce blogging on climate science a week ago, I see that Alex has come to a similar decision I’ve continued to stalk at theConversation, for instance at but also on articles about jazz and … Continue reading

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..and Thanks for the Fish

Thanks to all commenters at my antepenultimate post for their kind words. As you can see, my final curtain call was about as final as that of any “Grande Dame du théatre”. Three things persuaded me that I couldn’t go … Continue reading

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‘Allo ‘Allo

Hello again. Just to let you know about the launch of an “Association Francophone des Climato-Optimistes” (AFCO). You can read about it at and their manifesto is at Membership costs 50 euros, which I find a bit steep. … Continue reading

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