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Italian Election

You have no doubt heard that the Italian election has left the country, and possibly the European Union, in a state of confusion. The left has won in the Lower House, and the right in the Senate. Hardly anyone is … Continue reading

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Cuckoo in the NESTA

I mentioned NESTA and the talk by Stephen Emmott at and started transcribing it at but gave up because of the poor quality of the recording. It’s now available as a good quality video at I’ve transcribed … Continue reading

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Art, Population and Climate Change

Trawling the web looking for references to Stephen Emmott’s play “Ten Billion”, I came upon this: in which New York artist Laurie Anderson interviews Barbara Crossette, who is the author of the UNFPA reports on population for 2010 and … Continue reading

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Knickers to Climate Change

Today I read a book It was contagious – seventy pages There were pictures here and there, so it wasn’t hard to bear The day I read a book […] The day I read a book, don’t ask me where … Continue reading

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What Lies behind Lew’s Lies?

A couple of hours ago, I mentioned in a comment on the previous post that I was going to have a look at Lewandowsky’s numerous references, hoping to be able to tease out the no doubt complex strands of thought … Continue reading

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Lew’s Lies (2): Trick or Tweet?

Simon Turnill of Australian Climate Madness obtained Lewandowsky’s emails concerning the paper LOG12 via an FOI request. Many  thanks to Steve McIntyre who forwarded them to me. Below is a summary of Lewandowsky’s requests addressed to “pro-science” blogs, beginning with … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky the Liar

There are many kinds of psychologist. Many, possibly most, of the academic kind, who do surveys or investigate human behaviour in the laboratory, have little time for psychoanalysts, who were the subject of my previous post . Academic psychologists consider … Continue reading

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Psychoanalysis and Climate Change: The Doctors take over the Asylum

Laurie Taylor’s Radio4 “Thinking Allowed” programme, in which he interviews psychoanalyst Sally Weintrobe and professor of social policy Paul Hoggett on the subject of climate change, has already been the subject of articles at and at A transcription … Continue reading

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