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The Moon Hoax has Landed

The Paper by Lewandowsky Oberauer and Gignac “NASA Faked the Moon Landing—Therefore, (Climate) Science Is a Hoax: An Anatomy of the Motivated Rejection of Science” (hereafter LOG12) has finally been published in Psychological Science The very fact of its publication … Continue reading

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David Miliband’s Sanitary Towels for Africans

David Miliband was Foreign Secretary, and very nearly the next Prime Minister. Now,  according to the Daily Mirror: he’s giving up politics and going to run the International Rescue Committee charity in New York. “It’s his dream job” says … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky Timeline

This page provides a timeline for understanding the two papers by Lewandowsky et al. which discuss conspiracist ideation among climate sceptics. I shall be updating it continuously. Additions and hints on formatting welcome. LOG12 “NASA faked the moon landing|Therefore (Climate) … Continue reading

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Lew’s Talk costs Libels

[Update 2 April 2014: to those linking here from McKewon’s article is full of inaccuracies, which will be addressed soon] This is the letter which I’ve posted at and and emailed to This is the letter I’ve … Continue reading

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Lew’s Crew’s Loose Screws: by Brad Keyes

This is a comment by Brad Keyes on the “Frontiers” thread under Lewandowsky’s paper at It is reproduced entirely without his permission, because I like it. It’s followed by an extract from Which Brad Keyes kindly pointed out. … Continue reading

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Lew’s Crew: The Plot Sickens

“Recursive fury: conspiracist ideation in the blogosphere in response to research on conspiracist ideation” (Lewandowsky et al, 2013) was pre-published at on 05 Feb 2013. It was taken down following a complaint to the journal’s editor by Jeff Condon, … Continue reading

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Stephen Emmott: “Ten Billion” – a Review

[Update July 8th 2013 This article is featured on the first page of Google hits for “Stephen Emmott” + “Ten Billion”. If you’ve come here for information on the book published in Britain today, please go to and explore … Continue reading

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Recursive Fury: Lew’s Waterloo

Lewandowsky et al 2013 is an exercise in content analysis which aims to show that blog comment  on a previous paper (LOG12) exhibits “conspiracist ideation”. It contains two major errors: 1) It subsumes all criticism of  LOG12 under the heading … Continue reading

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Lew’d Cooked and Cornered

The Lewandowsky affair has taken off again with an article at by Brandon Shollenberger which establishes that the Lewandowsky et al 2013 article “Recursive Fury” misquotes Foxgoose, Nathan Kurz and me. In comments Foxgoose, Barry Woods, and Joanna Nova … Continue reading

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Dirty Deben does Drugs and Potty Talk

Lord Deben has been at it again. His participation in a debate on the ethics of global warming policy at the von Hügel Institute, Cambridge, is the subject of another post at Bishop Hill Attendees were unanimous that Deben … Continue reading

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