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We’re Seeing off the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Alex Cull has a neat comment on a key point in Lewandowsky’s campaign against us denialist conspiracist ideationists here which he takes from a long interview which Lew gave to Chris Mooney at and which was linked at … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close: Chapter 12: Enter Tony Blair

[Three days after putting this chapter up, I find that Steve McIntyre has posted the latest in a series of articles about Briffa’s Yamal palaeoclimate reconstructions. When facts change, what can a satirist do but change the comportment  of his … Continue reading

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Where Are They Now? (1) Franny Armstrong

SH in a comment at my last post on Emmott pointed me to a post by Franny Armstrong , of 10:10 and the famous “Splattergate” film at She ends a doomfilled post about the concentration of carbon dioxide … Continue reading

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Dorling’s Happy Medium

Publication of Emmott’s book “Ten Billion” has been brought forward from September to mid July, possibly in response to this neat spoiler – a book by Danny Dorling entitled “Population Ten Billion”. He has an article at There’s a … Continue reading

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Emmott’s Wildly Wonky Chocolate Factoid Factory

(Guest Post by Alex Cull) Amongst all the alarming factoids relating to water that appear in Prof. Steve Emmott’s play “Ten Billion” (and possibly also in his forthcoming book), few can have been more alarming than the one about chocolate, … Continue reading

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In Praise of Lewandowsky

There’s a book published in 2009 called “Terrorism and Torture: an Interdisiplinary Perspective”,  edited by by Werner G. K. Stritzke, Stephan Lewandowsky, David Denemark, Joseph Clare, and Frank Morgan. Lewandowsky is co-author of chapter 1: “The Terrorism-Torture Link: When Evil … Continue reading

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Emmott’s Big Wet Mac (Alex Cull)

[This is a guest post by Alex Cull] In his play “Ten Billion”, Stephen Emmott makes several references to the amount of water required for food production, stating that: 1) 3000 litres of water are needed to make one beefburger. … Continue reading

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