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Guardian Climate Change Archive (3): 2001

All articles can be found on the Guardian site, currently starting at [Earthquakes in El Salvador, India and Seattle; volcanoes in Italy and the Philippines; the world threatened with destruction by an escaping subatomic particle; all these are symptoms … Continue reading

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Guardian Climate Change Archive (2): 2000

[In 2000 storms, floods and snow are all blamed on global warming. In November the failure of the Hague talks on reducing greenhouse gases is blamed on the US, while John Prescott blames the French. And the Guardian starts quoting … Continue reading

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Guardian Climate Change Archive (1): 1907-1999

This is the first instalment of a list of all the Guardian’s Climate Change articles (13,248 so far) which I’ve been compiling and annotating. The aim is to provide a searchable source of everything on the subject published by possibly … Continue reading

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Amelia Sharman: the Sociologist and the Horseleech

[Updated and slightly expanded 17-12-13 to clarify my objections to Sharman’s use of words] Paul Matthews, In a comment to my last article, mentions “… a ‘new wave’ of sociologists who are starting to study the subject with objectivity and … Continue reading

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Tidying Up

With lots of new readers from different directons, I thought it was time to make this blog more accessible. I’ll add an annotated contents page when I can.  In the meantime, I’ve sorted out the Categories and added some. “Weirdos”, … Continue reading

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Climatoscepticisme à la française

[This article grew out of a comment I left on a French sceptical site which I mention below, which got some very positive reactions. I hope to encourage French-speaking sceptics to participate in the discussion. It’s clear from reading French … Continue reading

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“Passionate Collaboration” or: Forty Shades of Green

John Vidal, the Guardian’s Environmental editor, who can write an eyewitness report on the effects of climate change in Tanzania (complete with desperate quotes from the locals) while staring out of the plane window on a flight to Pretoria, has … Continue reading

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