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2071: It’s the End of the World Again

After the success of Stephen Emmott’s “Ten Billion” in 2012, Director Katie Mitchell is bringing a new play about climate change to the Royal Court, opening on November 5th at the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs. It’s by Duncan Macmillan and Chris … Continue reading

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Stephen Emmott in Italia: Dieci Miliardi

Googling “stephen emmott” + “ten billion” yields 56,300 results, though no recent articles, as far as I can see, about the book that was published in July in Britain and in early September in the USA by two of the … Continue reading

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Emmott: The American Tour

Stephen Emmott is back on stream launching his new book at the Carnegie Council He starts his talk by saying that, following the introductory comments of his kind hostess, he’s “not sure that he needs to say much more”. … Continue reading

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Emmott: Ten Billion (25): Sheep Tweet Leet Bleats

Emmott’s “Ten Billion” got a lot of publicity on readers’ blogs. I noted one, by an estate agent in Texas who claimed to have read it four months before it was written, at Here’s a typical review following publication … Continue reading

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Emmott can’t do Sums: Official

Stephen Emmott gave a talk at the Science Museum last night to launch his book, “Ten Billion”. No doubt my harrassment of the guy is bordering on the obsessional; no doubt it seems pretty odd to most normal human beings. … Continue reading

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Ten Billion: The Silence of the Sheep

[This is a summary of all the publicity for Stephen Emmott’s “Ten Billion” that I’ve been able to find. I’ve put all links at the end of the article, for ease of reading] The print edition of Stephen Emmott’s “Ten … Continue reading

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Emmott’s Last Stand

Thanks to my article at hits on this site went up 20-fold. This is gratifying. Comments are welcome. (Only one insult so far; with someone who can’t spell comparing me to King Cnut, who pretended to be able to … Continue reading

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Stephen Emmott Comes Out

I’ve got a summary of the Emmott story so far at Donna Laframboise gave us a great write-up at and Jo Nova has an interesting perceptive take on Emmott’s position at As always, Donna and Jo manage … Continue reading

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Young Emmott: Foxgoose gives Chase

It was in comments at that Foxgoose first revealed Emmott’s earlier claim to fame as the inventor of the internet surfing microwave oven. He has a comment on my last post which is too good to leave there … Continue reading

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The Emmott / Penguin graphs in detail

The graphs can be seen at and lots of other places by googling “13 Graphs That Suggest The Planet Might Be Totally Screwed”. Here’s a quick summary of the content: The first is World Population from 10,000BC until 2100AD. Reliable … Continue reading

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