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Emmott’s Last Stand

Thanks to my article at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/07/07/the-thirteen-worst-graphs-in-the-world/ hits on this site went up 20-fold. This is gratifying. Comments are welcome. (Only one insult so far; with someone who can’t spell comparing me to King Cnut, who pretended to be able to … Continue reading

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Cuckoo in the NESTA

I mentioned NESTA and the talk by Stephen Emmott at https://geoffchambers.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/delingpole-emmott-and-the-invasion-of-the-defra-funded-swamp-creatures/ and started transcribing it at https://geoffchambers.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/stephen-emmott-at-nesta/ but gave up because of the poor quality of the recording. It’s now available as a good quality video at http://www.nesta.org.uk/events/previous_events/assets/events/nature_and_necessity_of_a_scientific_revolution I’ve transcribed … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close: Chapter 7: Ten Billion Reasons to Top Yourself.

George Moonbat, investigative journalist, is attending a climate change seminar at Apocalypse Close, the Hampstead home of Green hedge fund manager Tom Huntingdon. He hopes to spend the evening interrogating the mysterious, captivating Miranda about the evidence that she is … Continue reading

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Emmott won’t go way

Stephen Emmott’s Ten Billion is being published on May 1st  2013 as a Penguin paperback. Katie Mitchell is not listed as a co-author, so this is clearly not the Royal  Court play. This is from the publicity at Amazon:  Ten … Continue reading

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Stephen Emmott; Microsoft; Google; Computational Science; End of the World; Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey

Sorry about the boring title, but I’ve become an internet stalker. I’m after the hits which come when you put the important stuff in the title. Last month Alex Cull and I wrote an article at  http://www.climate-resistance.org/2012/08/it’s-a-fct-we’re-fcked.html about “Ten Billion” … Continue reading

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