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A Bird in the Ear of the Episcopal Rhinoceros

Like all other British bloggers, I am parasitically dependent on Bishop Hill, eternally grateful to His Grace for a diet of numerous tasty tidbits, and for being the source of a steady trickle of new readers. Sometimes I try to … Continue reading

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Great Works of English Literature (2): “The Hockey Stick Illusion” (or: Bad Smell of the Melodystick Ballgamepole Songline)

I’m a big fan of Chinese rap music, of which more in a moment. But first: I was going to do a review of Andrew Montford’s book, which I read at Christmas. But then I lent it to my daughter’s … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close: Chapter Nine: Delingpole Takes Hold

George Moonbat, suspecting the bewitching Miranda of being a police spy, is forced to flee the Climate Conference at the Hampstead home of Green millionaire Tom Huntingdon. Returning to his Welsh cottage to fetch his passport before fleeing the country, … Continue reading

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