Stephen Emmott’s “Ten Billion”: an Extract

Here’s the transcript of a three-minute extract from Stephen Emmott’s “Ten Billion” as performed at the Avignon Drama Festival this summer, available at

Comparison with the other recordings of Emmott shows how important the input of Katie Mitchell, his director and co-author, must have been in getting Emmott to talk sense. Whether that sense is true or not is another matter.

Note his very peculiar definition of “industrial revolution”, and the claim that climate change is accelerating.


By 1800 we had reached a billion people, and one of the principle reasons we were able to do so was because of the invention of agriculture. The agricultural revolution enabled us to go from hunter gatherers to highly organised producers of food in fairly short order. It was crucial in breaking thousands of years of cycles of famine and enabled us to expand rapidly.

It’s worth mentioning that in fact there were three industrial revolutions. The first was thirteen thousand years ago. It was the domestication of animals. The second was in the thirteenth century. That’s about the selective breeding of different plant types. And the third was between the fifteenth and nineteenth century, and that was about the one that we learned at school, which was mechanisation and agricultural productivity.

But there’s a different story here. It’s about the start of a fundamental transformation of land use by humans. 1998 has see the warmest record, warmest year on record, and between 1998 and now, we’vehad something like ten to twelve warmest years on record.

Now we hear the term “climate” on an almost daily basis these days. So it’s worth just thinking about what it means for a second. So, obviously, climate is not the same as weather. In fact climate is one of the two key systems that determines whether we’re able to live on this planet.

Its generated by four components: the atmosphere- the air thatwe breathe; the hydrosphere – the water system; the cryosphere – let’s call that glaciers and ice sheets for the moment; and the biosphere – the planet’s plants and animals.

So as population increases, our need, our demand for water increases, and our demand for food increases. As our demand for food increases, so too does our demand for more land, and that accelerates deforestation. As our demand for food increases, also it increases the demand for more food processing and transportation, and those increase our demand for more energy. The whole system increases the rate at which we’re producing greenhouse gases, and that continues to accelerate climate change further. As climate change accelerates further, it puts further stress on water, food, and land, whilst at the same time, increasing population growth continues to put more demand on water, food, and land. And as population continues to increase, stress on the entire system continues to increase.

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4 Responses to Stephen Emmott’s “Ten Billion”: an Extract

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  2. SunGCR says:

    Population…ah that old chestnut…sounds like stuff excreted from deep within the bowels of the Club of Rome, as this is their main panic meme. Along with CAGW, they get apoplectic about ‘too many people’ / ‘overpopulation’. Many of the public have subconciously bought into this ‘overpopulation’ meme…check out the views of your friends, family and peers to get an idea of how this idea has been bought by people. You’ll be surprised and shocked how people trot out these ideas without ever having checked it out for themselves. Dangerous.

    Disturbing stuff regarding population:

    Also, check out Ted Turner’s views on population:

    Paul R Ehrlich, notorious population panicker on steroids:

  3. SunGCR says:

    More on Paul R Ehrlich here:

    Excerpt: (emphasis mine, used to show where this disgusting man’s mind is at, and how he uses emotive language to propagandise people against a growing world population)

    “I have understood the population explosion intellectually for a long time. I came to understand it emotionally one stinking hot night in Delhi a few years ago. My wife and daughter and I were returning to our hotel in an ancient taxi.

    The seats were hopping with fleas. The only functional gear was third. As we crawled through the city, we entered a crowded slum area. The temperature was well over 100, and the air was a haze of dust and smoke. The streets seemed alive with people.

    People eating, people washing, people sleeping. People visiting, arguing, and screaming. People thrusting their hands through the taxi window, begging. People defecating and urinating. People clinging to buses. People herding animals. People, people, people, people. As we moved slowly through the mob, hand horn squawking, the dust, noise, heat and cooking fires gave the scene a hellish aspect. Would we ever get to our hotel? All three of us were, frankly, frightened… since that night I’ve known the feel of overpopulation.”

    This is one sick man. Unfortunately, he has been allowed to become influential, which shows you that his concerns (basically, unthinking, doom-laden xenophobia) chime with those of the elite, as his messages have gone mainstream and have been widely utilised by organisations such as Club of Rome, UN etc, and this propaganda has infected mainstream media output, hence how many unthinking people have had their minds messed with.

    So, we can surmise what ‘they’ may be hoping for…

    For those reading this that still remain unconvinced that this overpopulation meme is phony, check out a book called “How The Other Half Dies”, by Susan George:

    Click to access howtheotherhalfdies.pdf

    (Free PDF file of her book for those interested in understanding the hunger problem)

    If I remember the message in this book, it’s that the problem is that of distribution of food, not of insufficient food being produced. Of course now we have the added foolish green practice of using arable land to produce ‘bio’ fuels to allegedly halt CAGW. The lies and deceptions are quite, quite offensive to those that take time to understand these issues, and understand the loathing that these greens & elites have for humanity.

    Rather than allow the developing world to develop using the very fossil fuels (or nuclear) that has enabled us in the ‘developed’ world to increase the quality of our lives, these sick green elites would rather spread lies about burning fossil fuels ‘killing the planet’, and in doing so, they attempt to prevent the developing world from developing. All in order to keep world population lower.

    Their ‘thinking’, or what passes for it, is false because it has been shown that wealthier nations tend to have fewer children. Poor nations need children to support them in later life, especially in the absence of a pension. And they tend to have more children for a variety of reasons including high infant mortality. Again, if these elites would allow these developing nations to develop, it seems highly likely that they would follow in the steps of the developed world – i.e. have fewer children.

    These things are hard for people to grasp because they are almost never taught these things, due to constant and pervasive overpopulation propaganda emanating from these sick elitists, as shown above.

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