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Lew’s Cannons

I’ve been meaning to write up the developments in the Lewandowsky saga, but I’ve been so busy discussing it, e.g. at and at that I haven’t had time. Briefly, for anyone who hasn’t been following the story at … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky: My Part in his Downfall

Steve McIntyre has had a look at the complex dance of the emails between the University of Western Australia and the publishers of his “Recursive Fury” paper “Frontiers in Psychological Science” at Now he’s examined the investigation by UWA … Continue reading

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Looser Screws than Lew’s

Just as I was planning on dropping blogging and going back to a normal life watching ballet on my new big screen computer and drawing sexy super-heroines, Lewandowsky’s “Recursive Fury” paper gets retracted and I’ve been busy commenting and networking … Continue reading

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Lew’s Thinking

I’ve submitted a paper “Lysenko was Wrong: therefore Lewandowsky should be Sectioned” to “New Frontiers in Psychological Science” and they’re considering it for publication. Only joking. The real title is “Ideational Conspiracism among Theorisers of Conspirationist Ideation: A Meta-Study”. (Note … Continue reading

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The Great Psychological Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy

Imagine if  the government announced that those who disagreed with its policies or  who refused to accept everything it said as the gospel truth were irrational creatures suffering from persecution mania. Imagine if there was a group of scientists who … Continue reading

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Update on Lew’s Itch

Hilary Ostrov at BH pointed out a comment by André van Delft at WUWT linking to a second article at Psychological Science commenting on the Lewandowsky article.  It contains many of the inexactitudes that we’ve got used to, plus … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky Scratches the Scab

Lewandowsky has a new article at co-written with his faithful sidekick Michael Mann, plus two medical researchers and a psychologist. His big finding is that because different scientists in different disciplines all get threatening letters, vexatious FOI requests, and … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Close Chapter 15: Recursive Foolery

George had been arrested before, but never in South America, and never while disguised as someone else. His first attempts to explain that he was not Tony Blair, the well known war criminal, were met with aggressive rebuffs. As he … Continue reading

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Excuse me, Where’s the Lew?

I’ve become a pariah, a leper, a sufferer from body odour, halitosis and the plague. And all I’ve done is go on blog threads and make comments. I used to do this at the Guardian and get banned. Now I’m … Continue reading

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Stephan Is At It Again (2) The FAQs

This continuation of the previous post refers to the article by Professor Lewandowsky at I’ll deal with Lewandowsky’s FAQs, not in the order that they are presented, but in an order that attempts to bring out their logic. Lewandowsky … Continue reading

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