Bright Spark in the Flame Wars

[No-one in the world wastes as much time as I do reading pointless comment threads on pointless articles. This one is a classic, a ready-made sketch for the first comedian to realise the humour potential in global warming hysteria. It comes from an article by a solar panel entrepreneur saying how we need to invest more money in solar panels if we’re to have a world entirely powered by solar panels.]

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Scofula: the paid denial lobby shouldn’t bother reading this as it may remind them that they are pond scum and trigger bouts of domestic abuse and alcoholism. anybody with a genuine interest in the environment they are a part of may find it interesting


[The link, once you replace “(dot)” by a dot, takes you to “Coverage bias in the HadCRUT4 temperature series and its impact on recent temperature trends” by Kevin Cowtan & Robert G. Way, a paper which is currently being discussed at BishopHill]

Jack F. Trolls > Scofula: The link doesn’t work for me

AlecM > Scofula: Have you sought therapy for your apparently delusional behaviour?

Scofula > AlecM: and.. here they come. thirsty yet?

AlecM > Scofula: Do you really believe what you wrote?

Scofula > AlecM: which part? be specific man!

AlecM > Scofula: ‘the paid denial lobby shouldn’t bother reading this as it may remind them that they are pond scum and trigger bouts of domestic abuse and alcoholism.’

Scofula > AlecM: maybe not those based in Saudi Arabia, or those who completely lack empathy, but i have hope for some of them. selling out your entire species cant be easy for normal, decent human beings

AlecM > Scofula: Do you think I deny there has been climate change?

Scofula > AlecM: you werent very specific. you posted ‘your opinion’ was delusional yet used distancing language (“apparently”) which suggests you are not even sure i am delusional.. so, whats your beef?

AlecM > Scofula: I’m a scientist so i use third party and weasel word language all the time.

Scofula > AlecM: thats interesting. i studied earth sciences myself. im not a climatologist but we covered it, and i have a working understanding of the principles. i like to keep up with climate science, as it concerns my personal future, and stuff.

Scofula > AlecM: what are you denying? human involvement?

AlecM > Scofula: There has been AGW but it stopped in about year 2000. It was probably from Asian aerosols reducing cloud albedo. The World’s climate is now starting to cool as the Sun’s low EUV alters the jet streams. There is also low magnetic field causing cloud area to increase.

Jack F. Trolls > AlecM: Sorry – but you’re obviously a comic, not a scientist. You don’t even read the news.

Scofula > AlecM: really? is that true? no. the trend is onwards and upwards. its not good

AlecM > Scofula: The trend is falling. You see it in HADCRUT4 and OHC in the Argo era. You also see that the Arctic is freezing hard now, only just outside 1sd of the long term average. Check this in the DMI Arctic Ice pages. Greenland sea ice is about 3 weeks earlier than usual this year. Munich had the coldest start to Winter for 200 years. In Colorado unexpectedly early snow froze about 100,000 cattle to death. So, all the trends are falling into place. CO2-AGW appears to be virtually zero and we’re entering a new LIA. No-one knows yet whether it’ll be like the mid 19th Century or the late 17th Century (it’s a 189 year cycle from planetary conjunctions).

Scofula > AlecM: …and ask yourself, why was the carboniferous period so warm? what happened to all that carbon? where does our coal come from? what does that imply? you said you were a scientist. what happens when energy is added to a system? does it become: a) more stable. or b) more dynamic

AlecM > Scofula: 1. In the first half, the atmosphere had higher mass giving more lapse rate warming; there was much higher CO2 than now. 2. Plants which had symbiotic chloroplasts used that high CO2 and temperature to grow very fast. 3. Because at that time the bacteria which digest lignin had not developed, the plant deposits reached up to 3,000 feet deep (300:1 conversion to a 10 ft coal seam). 4. The high chlorophyl activity meant high O2 in the air. CO2 and lapse rate heating fell causing lower temperatures. 5.That and the new lignin chewing bacteria ended the party. 6. Evapo-transpiration collapsed, the seas heated. Rising temperatures meant fungi took over because on,y their enzymes could cope in equatorial regions and much of the eco system collapsed.

Scofula > AlecM: so you are not a biologist. what are you then? you studied economics, didn’t you? thirsty yet?

Scofula > AlecM: i didn’t spend years of my life changing sh*tty nappies and getting zero sleep just to gamble it away on some “maybe”. read the full article. brush up on some actual data. stop blindly hoping for the best

Jack F. Trolls > Scofula: The link really doesn’t work for me 😉

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Retired illustrator (children's magazines, religious education textbooks, an Encyclopaedia of Christianity, gay contact and female fitness magazines, pornographic strip cartoons etc.) Retired lecturer in English and History of Art in a French University; ardent blogger on climate hysteria, banned five times from the Guardian and twice from the Conversation. Now blogging at
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