Emmott: The American Tour

Stephen Emmott is back on stream launching his new book at the Carnegie Council


He starts his talk by saying that, following the introductory comments of his kind hostess, he’s “not sure that he needs to say much more”. This is a rewrite of the classic slip reported by Freud in “the Psychopathology of Everyday Life”, in which a professor opened a conference by saying how pleased he was to be closing it.

He then goes on to tell the audience that they’re free to disgree, “as a charming chap here has chosen to do so already”, thus revealing that the criticism has begun before he even got to the podium.

His third point is that this is the first time he’s given this talk, which is just part of a promotional book tour. So having thoroughly denigrated his hosts, his audience and himself, he’s ready to go. Should be fun.

[Update: I’ll update as I get time to transcribe]

It’s the usual stream of consciousness, with no mention  so far of the population problem which forms the main theme of his book. It’s all about climate change.
After comparing himself to John Milton, he gets down to business with this extraordinary claim:

Most in the science community all accept that we’ve missed the target for restricting climate change, global average temperature change to two degrees, and we’re well on our way to a four degree rise in global temperature, and this notion about global average temperature is a bit of a misnomer by the way, because there’s really is no such thing as a global average temperature. It just means that in higher latitudes it could be nine, in places nearer the tropics it could be three or two but that would still be bad, but 800 parts per million on a business as usual scenario – a business as usual scenario would be just carrying on obviously as we are – in the CMIC, this coupled model inter-comparison project which basically has driven the IPCC AR5 report, shows that we could be in for at least a 6° rise in global average temperature on the way that we’re going.

[Update 2]

I got to the end, including the question and answer session, in which mostly elderly, well-educated and sometimes important people gave Emmott a sympathetic reception. There was no “We’re f*cked”, no mention of teaching your kids to use guns, and hardly any reference to population growth. Emmott did say that 70-80% of all available fresh water on earth is used for agriculture, one of his phoney factoids which can’t be falsified, since there’s hardly a river on earth that doesn’t have something edible growing in it. He also had a kind word for Paul Ehrlich. Stephen is talking at the Harvard Bookstore tonight.

I won’t be around for a few days. If anyone feels like continuing the transcription in comments here, or just commenting, please feel free.

There’s a couple of video reviews of the book at



The first one is by an English girl who was bored stiff by her eco-lessons at school but now wished she’d listened. The second one is by an American girl who read the book in an hour and then went to the London Science Museum presentation of it, which, she said, was basically a book reading. She liked the pictures though, and the way the last six pages go from white to grey to black. She shows it to camera and it’s true, they do. You get two empty white pages, followed by two empty  grey pages, followed by two black pages. Cool. Well done editor of the Penguin Books Philosophy and Social Science section.

Weep, Sir Allen Lane, wherever you are.

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5 Responses to Emmott: The American Tour

  1. Geoff, I’m listening to this and I’m finding that I’m 97% accurate on predicting his next “uhm” … and he’s doing it without notes, too. Amazing!

  2. que sais je says:

    Emmotts “Fuck-Tour” continues in Germany:

    Emmott at the city library of Cologne on September 26th 2013; moderation by Susan Link who is a reporter from the global(?) “Gleichschaltungs“-Media, the German public service broadcaster ARD (she is also moderating the “ARD Morgenmagazin” and is a ARD live-reporter). I wonder how come that these sad clowns at the financially stricken giant German Suhrkamp-Verlag (publisher of “Ten Billion” in German; the nearly worthless Suhrkamp-Verlag has no! book on Bilderbergers!) think that Emmotts play at the Royal Court Theatre was a “sensational success” (confer http://www.stadt-koeln.de/6/veranstaltungskalender/11842/ : “[…] ‘Ten Billion’ ein Sensationserfolg am Royal Court Theatre in London […]”)? (Hmm, Susan Link is a reporter, not a journalist — there are virtually no journalists left these days, especially at the public service broadcasters.)

    Emmott at the German National Library on September 27th 2013; moderation by Frank Schirrmacher, who is a coeditor of the “gleichgeschalteten” “Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung”. (Special propaganda of the public service broadcaster’s advertising text for Emmotts lection (http://www.hr-online.de/website/specials/buchmesse2013/index.jsp?rubrik=83371&key=standard_document_49507575): “Für die Herstellung eines Burgers braucht man 3000 Liter Wasser.” (My translation: “One needs 3000 litres of water for the production of a burger.”))

    Emmott was also at the greatest public service radio broadcaster, the “gleichgeschalteten” “Deutschlandfunk”. The radio reporter Gerhard Klas, who claims to be a journalist, is fucking his_audience / the_facts / with_the_”IPCC-SREX”_2012 ( http://www.dradio.de/dlf/sendungen/andruck/2245955/ ):

    Aber schon jetzt steht fest: Die Häufigkeit extremer Wetterereignisse hat durch die Klimaerwärmung in den vergangenen Jahren bereits drastisch zugenommen, wie Stephen Emmott anhand verschiedener Datenquellen belegt.

    My translation: “But it is already clear: the frequency of extreme weather events has increased dramatically due to global warming in recent years, as Stephen Emmott is proving/documenting on the basis of various data sources.”

    Germany’s media is fucked already.

    (Since 2013 Germany has a new calculation base for their already unjustifiably high television and radio licence fee; until then they got ~ 7,5 billion Euro — now they get ~ 9,3 billion Euro, IIRC. The administration of Germany loves humans — as long as cash flows to the so called elitists and “experts” and to their terrorist fear mongering propaganda.)

  3. Radical Rodent says:

    Uhm, Hilary, I’m, uhm, in, uhm, full, uhm, agreement, uhm, with uhm, you. It is, uhm, truly, uhm, remarkable, uhm, how he, uhm, manages, uhm, to say so, uhm, little, in, uhm, so many, uhm, uhms.

    I gave up after a few minutes.

  4. Richard Tol took this picture in a bookshop, showing where Foyles has categorised Emmott:

  5. Thanks for the photo Paul. And many thanks to que sais je for the news from Germany. Sorry your comment was stuck in the spam trap due to the number of links. I’ll try and check out the links when I have time. With the Grünen having just scored 8% in the German elections, and European elections coming up, it’s time perhaps to develop a European climate sceptic network. If anyone is interested in participating, please let me know.

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