Where Are They Now? (1) Franny Armstrong

SH in a comment at my last post on Emmott


pointed me to a post by Franny Armstrong , of 10:10 and the famous “Splattergate” film at


She ends a doomfilled post about the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere having reached 400 parts per million with a despairing cry:

“So what the hell are we all going to do now?”

Should we go into survivalist mode, buying up guns and fortifying our homes? It sounds extreme, but it’s not a coincidence that some people working on climate change are buying pieces of land far away from centres of population to move their families… 

“Should we stockpile cyanide? You think I’m exaggerating, but a close friend of mine, who has four children, said she plans to kill herself and them when it comes to it”.

[Franny read zoology at University College London and her thesis was entitled ‘Is the human species suicidal?’]

I thought of adding a comment pointing out that buying guns and stocking cyanide with a view to killing people were extremely illegal acts, even if the people you intend to kill were your own children, and that her friend was in urgent need of psychological help, but comments are moderated, so I didn’t bother.

I thought of writing to Professor Stephen Emmott, informing him that his colleague who recommended teaching your children to use guns had a soul sister at Spannerfilms who was contemplating killing her own offspring. Maybe they could get together, and Emmott’s colleague’s kids could use Armstrong’s friend’s kids as target practice (with the accord of their respective parents, of course). But I didn’t.

There were a lot of mostly supportive comments to Armstrong’s article. Rachel wrote about her

“…extreme depression and as a mum with a baby, and v little time to try and do something through work and so hard to see what will create cut-through, i’m tempted by the cyanide option, otherwise head to an island…”

while  Satyadasa says:

“My thought is that if there is such a huge suffering scenario ahead then the minimum useful response would be to prepare for suffering… Look towards the wisdom traditions. This underlying preparation usually gets overlooked because its so basic as to seem almost naive. My concern is that without this, what we end up with is a stockpile of cyanide and horrified anxiety as well as irreversible climate chaos. All the best”

On a more upbeat note, E says:

“Hi Franny.

Cyanide is not very pleasant, but argon gas is, and will kill you easily, painlessly and euphorically in minutes. Definitely the way to go. I think any of the inert gases will do the same (helium, nitrogen etc) but we found argon to be relatively cheap and easy to get hold of. It’s used in welding or something. Check out youtube for instructions. And Michael Heseltine’s very interesting documentary, in which he searches for the most humane way to carry out capital punishment!…

… I’ve got a two year old, beautiful granddaughter, and it breaks my heart. No one’s going to escape this one. Just keep your sense of humour. With love,”

While one anonymous cynic suggests:

“Why not make a film in which anyone who disagrees with you gets blown up?”

*           *           *

Surprisingly, 10:10 is still going strong, with eight full-time staff in Britain and a network covering 40+ countries.


It’s a registered company, so they don’t have to reveal financing. They’ve had five articles posted this month, but comments aren’t allowed.

Coming back to Fran’s article at Spanner Films, there was a huge number of comments, suggesting that she still has lots of fans. But the previous post on 19th March (an apology for a postponed course  on documentary filmmaking) had no comments. And the post before that, in February, was this:

“We are flogging off most of our DVDs at eye-wateringly low prices… How’s about buying 20 and selling them for a tasty profit? The Age of Stupid is being flogged off cheap for £6, OR: Buy four boxes, totalling ONE HUNDRED DVDs for the earth shattering price of £300, plus get a free bike vest and mug and have lunch with director Franny Armstrong”.

There’s some publicity for the postponed film course, then nothing since January 2012.

Many sceptics interpret such evident signs of failure as signs that the global warming scam is losing momentum.

I’m not so sure. If Fran doesn’t manage to sell off her remaindered DVDs, it’s odds on that Miliband will create her Baroness Splattergate, and she’ll be legislating for us for the next fifty years.

About Geoff Chambers

Retired illustrator (children's magazines, religious education textbooks, an Encyclopaedia of Christianity, gay contact and female fitness magazines, pornographic strip cartoons etc.) Retired lecturer in English and History of Art in a French University; ardent blogger on climate hysteria, banned five times from the Guardian and twice from the Conversation. Now blogging at Cliscep.com
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6 Responses to Where Are They Now? (1) Franny Armstrong

  1. alexjc38 says:

    Thought about transcribing all of “The Age of Stupid”, but not sure I’m up to the task yet, and it’ll probably have me reaching for the cyanide (or argon gas)…

    “…it’s odds on that Miliband will create her Baroness Splattergate, and she’ll be legislating for us for the next fifty years…” Noooo! (Where’s that argon? Might need it!)

    On a similar theme, my local paper was running a story last week about the Queen’s birthday honours. Included was Katie White of Chiswick (hence the local interest):

    “Katie White’s efforts to tackle global warming resulted in her being made an OBE. At just 32, she is believed to be the youngest recipient of the award on this year’s list… Mrs White, of Chiswick, spent four years with charity Friends of the Earth, working to move climate change up the political agenda. She was instrumental in helping to push through the Climate Change Act, passed in 2008, committing the UK for the first time to legally binding cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

    She then joined the government and played a key role in the run-up to the 2009 United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen, which marked a major breakthrough in international efforts to address global warming. She now works for charity One, co-founded by U2 singer Bono to end extreme poverty globally by 2030.

    ‘I’ve been really lucky to work with some great people and it’s a huge honour to be made an OBE”, she said. “Climate change feels like it’s the challenge of our generation. Someone’s given us all the evidence and we have the tools to fix things, so it doesn’t seem like a choice to me.'”

    Aside from the framing of Copenhagen as a “major breakthrough” (!), what I found interesting was the casual line “she joined the government” – sounds so easy! I looked her up – she’s apparently Head of International and UK Engagement, Department of Energy and Climate Change. If correct (?), here’s the job spec:

  2. TinyCO2 says:

    I read Franny’s cry for help when it came out and thought ‘should I comment? Nah can’t be bothered’. So if she’s serious, I’m not in the mood to be a good Samaritan. ‘The World’s going to end should I prep or kill myself now’ is not restricted to warmists. I sometimes hang out with flubies and they’re of a simlar mind set.

    Now I’m all prepared to be ready for severe disruption, it could happen but TEOTWAWKI? Get a grip. To be fair to flubies there’s a strong possibility that a savage disease could romp around the planet but global warming? Because if it is a disaster, it would be a slow one, we can work out solutions on the fly. OK a few species of snail or bird might perish and some of the big species are doomed anyway but the bulk of life will go on.

    Probably my biggest fear is that where in the past, our ancestors moved their cities or built upon the ruins of the old, the Frannies of this World will sit there till the waves wash over them because they’ve become changeophibic.Like cloned Canutes they demand that the World stays the same and that the tide of time doesn’t flow in.

  3. Alex
    I never got past the somnolent opening scene of Stupid. I’ll give it a go and see if it inspires the transcriber in me.
    Katie is a case, isn’t she? The job she’s got in the civil service (not the government Katie – there is a difference) is the kind that used to be reserved for fast track entrants who’d passed a stiff exam after getting a first at a top university. Élitist, but politically neutral. And you got the OBE when you’d done the job for 20 years, not to put on your CV in order to get it. Is she working with Bono and at the DECC at the same time? Is Bono in the government too?
    It’s not Fran’s cry for help though is it? (Unless you mean her frantic plea for us to take all those DVDs off her hands). Anyone who can say casually on a blog “my friend’s planning to kill her kids” has lost touch with reality in a big way. Didn’t she learn anything from Splattergate?
    This is the second time she’s announced: “I’m not going to kill anyone, but someone I know is.” This was exactly what Emmott said every night for a fortnight at the Royal Court. He was challenged about it in the post-show Q&A session and he had the decency to be embarrassed about it.
    We all know it’s not real, it’s a fantasy that people have about their attitude to what they think is happening in the world about them. They must know, from all they’ve read and seen on telly that in terrible real life situations, people don’t behave like that. It’s a fantasy response to a fantasy stimulus. Why can’t they see that?

  4. alexjc38 says:

    Figured it out, finally – Katie White’s not in the job any more, which is why the role was being advertised in July 2012. Which means that Bono isn’t in the government, although given the ease with which these people seem to rotate in and out of influential posts, it’s clearly only a matter of time.

    Katie was also Acting Senior Private Secretary to Greg Barker for two months last year, according to her LinkedIn page:

    So who is now Head of International Climate Change Engagement at DECC? The salary that was advertised in 2012 is not bad, at £56,707 – £68,322. Someone called Jon Gorvett had the post from August 2012 to March 2013. After that, the trail goes cold. Does the role still exist, I wonder?

    Re the 400ppm blog of Franny’s, did you see the comment by “Jim Byrd, human being”? “Many people are going to have to go away.” Just ever so slightly chilling.

  5. Foxgoose says:

    It’s always tempting to roll one’s eyes and giggle at Franny and her hysterical little co-believers – but the suicidal rhetoric is a bit worrying

    I remember reading the story of Jim Jones and the mass suicide at “Jonestown”. The most astonishing thing is that some of his followers were reasonably well educated people – many with spouses & kids to whom they happily ladled out the lethal Kool Aid.

    People forget too that Jones was quite a prominent local politician in San Francisco before he took his followers to Guyana – rising to the position of Chairman of the Housing Commission and hobnobbing with national politicians.

    Maybe it’s unwise underestimate the extent to which groups of people can reinforce each others’ detachment from reality.

  6. TinyCO2 says:

    Geoff ‘has lost touch with reality in a big way’. Exactly and as Foxgoose points out, people can talk themselves into insane acts. While I don’t think most warmists consider CAGW a tangible problem it doesn’t mean they aren’t conditioning themselves to expect the worst. This sort of thinking can lead to severe depression and in a way a lack of catastrophe would only make such a mindset worse. Thy build the impending doom into a bigger and bigger thing.

    Warmists often say ‘climate change is going to be really bad for my children/grandchildren.’ They’re thinking children, not adults. Children drowning in flash floods, rising seas and tornadoes. In the time frame of most of these people’s families they will all be grown up before a serious change in climate could really be observed. Ok there may be more international problems but when aren’t there? It wouldn’t be as dramatic to say ‘climate chane is going to be a real inconvenience to my children/grandchildren and their old age might not be so good.’

    They’re conditioning the minds of their kids to see no future. What will that do to them? A little flooding would be much easier to deal with than total despair. So it is a cry for help but she doesn’t know what she really needs.

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