Blue Screen of Death and the Woodcraft Folk

I went commenting at Delingpole’s yesterday, in a cynical attempt to raise my hit rate. I always feel like a member of the ineffectual Ankh Morpork Watch over there, stepping into a tavern brawl between Trolls and Dwarves and trying to look inconspicuous.

I picked up my recommends and a blushmaking comment from Dellers and was crawling towards the exit when I accidentally  clicked on the thing that tells you who’s been recommending you. There was nobody I knew, but I clicked on the first one (Blue Screen of Death – sounded promising).

He or she or it had also been commenting at the UK Youth Climate Coalition. Funny.

SoI went there.

[hint: if you go there, go there from here. That way, they’ll know where you’re coming from]

It was, of course, the typical Green site. All blog and no comments.

The last two articles were by Louisa Casson. Here she is last September:

“The challenge of communicating the climate challenge – you what?!

“I spent last weekend strategising and learning United Nations policy acronyms with UKYCC’s delegation to the UN climate change summit taking place in Qatar in November. Sound like a geek’s heaven, i.e. somewhere you’d really not want to give up your sunny Saturday to go to?

“Well how about if I tell it this way? Last weekend I made friends with   some inspring, hilarious and smart young people, we ate lots of biscuits and as a team we told stories, learnt from each other, and made a human pyramid.

“It’s all in the way you tell it. As a climate change activist, you might be surprised that even I struggled to concentrate through all of a recent lecture (which, yes, I voluntarily attended) on Tropical Climate Change and Variability – particularly through phrases like ‘anthropogenic greenhouse warming’. What I did take from it was speaker’s concluding comments for each slide of graphs that were initially about as comprehensible to me as spirograph gone wrong – these helpfully began ‘basically, this means…’ or ‘what’s really important here is…’ By breaking it down into simple language, I didn’t feel stupid for not having looked in a science textbook for 5 years, and I could start to actually engage with the issues being discussed – rather than just daydreaming about tropical beaches…”

And so on.

I looked back through five articles before I found a comment – two to be exact – the second being from my fan Blue Screen of Death. So I added my recommend to the three he’d already picked up and slowly walked away.

Then I went back and decided to find out who they were, and who was financing their highly professional site and their trips to Qatar Warsaw Berlin Poznan Rio Bonn Copenhagen and Cancun.

In 2008 there were just two of them, who met on a WWF trip to the Arctic. There are now at least 22. They’re supported by the following:

medsin global health local issue

made in europe museum agency for development & enterprise

National Union of Students

Envision – young people making a difference

the Diana Award

Woodcraft folk

British Youth Council


The Otesha Project UK


Amnesty International


You, Me and the Climate

Stop Climate Chaos Coalition

People and Planet

Action Aid

Amnesty International helps people being imprisoned and maltreated under repressive régimes. No-one at the UK Youth Climate Coalition has been maltreated, you’ll be glad to hear. The RSPB protects birds. None of them are birds, taxonomically speaking. Other organisations are unknown to me, so there’s more research to be done. Any help would be appreciated.

I won’t be commenting at UKYCC. These people are young and decent, and really looking forward to that trip to Warsaw.

But they’re being groomed. I don’t like that.

About Geoff Chambers

Retired illustrator (children's magazines, religious education textbooks, an Encyclopaedia of Christianity, gay contact and female fitness magazines, pornographic strip cartoons etc.) Retired lecturer in English and History of Art in a French University; ardent blogger on climate hysteria, banned five times from the Guardian and twice from the Conversation. Now blogging at
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21 Responses to Blue Screen of Death and the Woodcraft Folk

  1. TonyN says:

    Interesting for me to see that Amnesty is a player in this one as that seems to be the preferred charity of the chairman of both the Information Tribunal’s that heard my appeals this year. Particularly so as I am presently preparing a submission to the Office for Judicial Complaints that is not unrelated to that fact.

    A fascinating and very disturbing post.

  2. omnologos says:

    Being groomed? Please elaborate

  3. TonyN
    Last year an offshoot of Amnesty International hosted a talk at Oxford University by climate scientist Dr. Peter Gleick, after he’d been outed as a liar and a fraud.

    Your knowledge of current English usage is better than mine 😉 diciamo – “indottrinati”.
    Four years ago, two students who won a trip to the Arctic with the WWF formed a group which immediately started attending international conferences. The documents on their extensive site, though content-free, are highly professional. There’s lots of money there, probably from official EU or UN sources. The supporters I listed are possibly lending no more than moral support, and you can be sure that everything is perfectly legal and above board.
    Young Louisa, who is studying English and French at Edinburgh, went on a training course for climate activists where she learnt first the meaning of UN policy acronyms, and second, the meaning of “anthropogenic global warming” a concept which she struggled to understand.
    These young people will have their UKYCC activism to put on their CVs when they go for interviews for jobs with – who knows? – the UN, the EU, the DECC.
    It’s a process which will fix energy policy, foreign policy, the very structure of our democracies in stone for generations to come.

  4. dearieme says:

    The USSR preferred higher IQ agents.

  5. Vinny Burgoo says:

    Geoff, please forgive me for skipping past Kirsty Schneeberger MBE (and UKYCC, DECC, PIRC, UNEP etc.etc.), but I’ve got a question about CiF – is there an easy way to find out who has recommended a comment there?

  6. Vinny Burgoo
    Not if you’re registered directly, as I was. (or via google? I’m not sure now) At the Telegraph I’m registered via disqus, which lets you see who’s recommended, and what else they’re recommending. the Graun only uses Google, Facebook and Twitter.
    Who’s Kirsty Schneeberger (= snow mountain person?) Tell me she’s real.

  7. catweazle666 says:

    Had you bothered to investigate further Geoff, you would find that your comment “It was, of course, the typical Green site. All blog and no comments” is even more correct than ever, because BSOD’s comment was removed practically the moment it was posted, and now there are no comments there at all.

    I don’t think they appreciated being informed that they were a bunch of alarmist bedwetters, for some reason.

    Strange that.

  8. omnologos says:

    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 19922944) (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /home/ukycc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/jetpack.php on line 837

    Guess somebody’s been playing with WordPress too long at ukycc

  9. Vinny Burgoo says:

    1. Oh well.

    2. Schneeberger. She’s real, and she’s a real MBE. (She got it for her services to the nation and to the environment while she was at UKYCC and DECC.)

    2a: I’ve just been allowed to sign up as a fully expert associate member of Paul Ehrlich’s MAHB (currently ‘Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere’; formerly ‘Millennium Assessment of Human Behavior’; next week: godnose). All we experts on such stuff need is an alias and a throwaway e-mail account.

  10. omnologos says:

    Vinny – MAHB seems to have dies a few months ago, mostly of disinterest.

  11. Vinny Burgoo says:

    Maurizio – it isn’t quite dead yet. Ehrlich managed to summon the energy to mention it in passing in his latest paper – and even to briefly mention the associated ‘culture gap’.

  12. Vinny, Omnologos
    Bad news about the MAHB. I hadn’t heard of it until I read Ehrlich’s speech to the Peoples Temple (motto: Nullius in Kool-Aid). I noted that his analysis of our plight was identical to that of professor Emmott, but that, instead of concluding, like Emmott, that we’re fucked, Ehrlich saw hope, and outlined a number of tasks to be performed. He said:
    “These tasks will be pursued, along with an emphasis on developing ‘foresight intelligence’, by the nascent Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (the MAHB;”
    So if the MAHB is no more, Emmott was right.

  13. omnologos says:

    Alternatively, he might have written the speech a year ago

  14. omnologos
    What was your Fatal Error comment about? I get Fatal Error every time I go on the site of the Independent, bu I can still read it ok.
    The Blue Screen comment I saw was at
    and it”s still there.
    Does anyone know if it’s possible to know how many hits a site gets?

  15. catweazle666 says:

    Seems it is still there, Geoff. Perhaps I didn’t look in the right place.

    Concerning site metrics, have a play with

  16. alexjc38 says:

    The organisation “You, Me and the Climate” seems to have dissolved some time last year. There might have been more than one organisation of that name – I found a video on YouTube that is described as the “video shown at the launch of the You, Me & The Climate project in London on the 29th of October”, the year being 2007, while another website, IdeasTap, describes it thus:

    “You, Me and the Climate is a group of diverse young people aged 15-19 from all across the country with different talents, interests, aims and ambitions, but all with the common interest of SAVING THE PLANET! Kind of like Superman, but without the cape.

    We’re supported by the National Trust and are part of the UK Youth Climate Coalition and act as a training ground for young people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be leaders in combatting climate change in their own local areas.

    If you are interested in getting involved or just want to know more about us and our amazing superpowers, just contact or go to”

    According to IdeasTap, the group was founded by someone called Eilis Sanfey on 13/08/09. The website is no longer there, but you can find it on the Wayback Machine, and it appears to have been last updated in April 2012.

    Maybe someone sent them a consignment of green kryptonite around that time…

  17. j ferguson says:

    Let them be groomed. It doesn’t worry me. I am reassured by the emergence of blogs like yours, Andrew’s, CA, Ben’s, Lucia’s, and a few others – global coffeehouses. Having come to believe that our respective revolutions were brewed in the 17th century London coffeehouses, doesn’t it seem possible that the intelligent response to the nonsense we see so much of outdoors will coalesce in places like these?

    I used to meet some interesting people selling Sun SparcStations in South Florida in the early ’90s. A symptom that something wasn’t what it appeared to be was staff wildly more intelligent than the situation seemed to call for. I was doing an installation in what was ostensibly a sales office for waste burning steam boilers manufactured in Venezuela. Their application could have run well on a 386, but they had spent something like 5 times as much to get the Suns. As I was sitting with the guy who was going to run the system, I realized that he was really bright – maybe as bright as the guys who used to do the weekly physics problem sets in an hour instead of the 8 the rest of us needed. The real application was not the simple thing they had discussed with me, although I never found out what it actually did. Guys in office were fluent Spanish speakers but with an accent – turned out to be Latvian.

    From an earlier life, I knew someone to ask about them. I did and the answer was they knew.

    More recently, the operator of a marina here in the keys was arrested for several very serious crimes – drugs, money laundering, and active participation in illegal immigration. He should have known he had been discovered when he was able to hire a highly proficient, very intelligent business manager. The marina customers were delighted with her, she was the toast of Marathon – no other like her in terms of always getting it right the first time. She was also on another payroll.

  18. Alex
    The trouble with researching these green organisations is that, like bouts of acne or first love affairs, every activist has one. (Maybe that’s why so many of them are so private). The WWF is behind the UKYCC, and there was input in the beginning from two Canadian organisations, the Otesha Project, and IT Global. The latter has support from Amnesty International, Microsoft, UNEP and many others, 79 staff and interns, and an annual revenue of 1.6 million (Canadian?) dollars.
    Finding out who finances UKYCC would be very interesting, and any input would be much appreciated, but at the moment I’m working on another angle. Watch this space.

    Benjamin Franklin frequented London coffee houses when he was over learning the printing trade. When the early abolitionists were planning the parliamentary campaign to abolish slavery, they got together for tea at Dr Johnson’s, with Charles Fox and Sir Joshua Reynolds, among others. Then in Parliament, MPs listened to the debate, which lasted three days, and made up their minds according to the persuasiveness of the argument .
    Those were the days.
    From your comment to Dearieme, I take it you’re writing a John le Carré-like thriller. Maybe you are John le Carré.

  19. j ferguson says:

    I have another story along the lines of the two above, but they turned out to be our guys and I never did figure out what they were really doing, had something to do with shipping, but not in the way that they would have had me believe, and they were doing it on an estate in Islamorada.

    We could sometimes tell when we got a very specific itemized list of equipment and software to bid to. We owned the business and i sometimes took very low margins to be sure to get the deal and to then have the opportunity to build a relationship with folks who might be interesting.

    More to Dearime’s earlier point, the communists organizations here in the states were always able to identify the spooks because they were the only ones who ever paid the dues.

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